Why though?

The idea for this series hit me out of nowhere, as a lot of great ideas do. I have not always (ever) been great about sharing my feelings (I’m horrible at it). Talking about my feelings involved a lot of shame. I had to tell a nurse at my annual exam yesterday that I want to talk to a nutritionist about my weight and shocked myself when I didn’t tear up speaking the words, saying my truth to another person.

Half the time I tear up because I have to admit a perceived weakness, the other half I tear up because I can’t do it myself and I hate asking for help.

There’s so much stigma around having mental health issues. Having a hard time doing something. Not being 100% confident all the time.

“It’s all relative.”

“It’s not as bad as…”

“At least I have…”

No. Nope. It is okay if you feel like you’re going off the rails a little. It is okay to grab for a hand. It is okay to not know everything, inherently, perfectly. It’s okay.

It’s. Okay.

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