Get Nervous #3

Get Nervous #3

Get Nervous #3 will take place on July 17th at 7pm at The Jack London Bar.

Your readers this month are:

Stacey Villalobos
Brenda Taulbee
David Rutiezer
Kate Carroll de Gutes
Mel Heywood

Jaime Dunkel

And more to come!


Portland Monthly mentions Get Nervous

We have been busy at Get Nervous, planning #3, executing #2, all while our local Oregon Book Award-winning badass Kate Carroll de Gutes was drafting mentions of this series for a list in Portland Monthly. Alongside, might I add, the two series who inspired us to become a series in the first place, Grief Rites and Unchaste Readers. Without women like Melissa and Jenny, we wouldn’t be here. Their series are places people feel like they can be themselves. It is an honor to be counted among them.