Hi everyone,

Sorry for the delay between posts. This summer has gotten away from me and here we are knocking on September and the fifth (!) edition of Get Nervous is around the corner and I am just getting to sharing the wonderful photos of the wonderful folks who read at the last two editions. July was really fun because I featured the first stand-up comedian from the amazing Lez Stand Up, Mel Heywood. And the Oregon Book Award-winning, funny, and just damn authentic Kate Carroll de Gutes. We heard some works in Spanish. We heard some poems about Montana. We heard from more than one person that family isn’t always all it’s cracked up to be.

I am approached at each show by folks who say they are happy Get Nervous exists. That they heard about it from a friend who thought they would benefit from attending. That they want to write something for an upcoming show. That they have anxiety, too. That they have been depressed. Have panic attacks. Relate. I always want folks to relate. That is literally the goal here. Well, the first goal is to get folks to write about their “thing”. Then from there, I figure it just gets out into the universe and does what it needs to do. Thanks to all of these folks and all of you for sharing in this, too.

Get Nervous #3- July

David Rutiezer

Pax Mandable

Blanca Stacey Villalobos

Brenda Taulbee

Jaime Dunkle

Kate Carroll de Gutes

Mel Heywood

Get Nervous #4- August

Dominque Rossi

John Barrios

Kelly Wilson

Tracey Knapp

Jenna Zine

Celeste Gurevich

Cari Luna

Ben Tanzer

The next Get Nervous is September 18th at 7:00pm at The Jack London Bar.





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